282: The Boomerang CFO | Larry Begley, CFO, CloudHealth Technologies

It was more than ten years ago when Larry Begley last exited the CFO office to dedicate his days to building an early stage venture capital firm.  After four tours of duty as a finance leader, the finance leader’s future career aspirations would be more than satisfied by building a successful VC firm. Or would they? Join us when Larry Begley a serial venture capitalist, board member and CFO explains the unique challenges and market opportunities that led him back to the CFO office, where he now serves as finance leader of CloudHealth Technologies.

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Prior to joining CloudHealth, Larry  cofounded .406 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. .406 Ventures has made investments in a string of information technology and services companies and today has close to $600 million under management.  His enduring finance career includes tours of duty as a CFO for The Boston Consulting Group, CCBN.com, i-Cube and Razorfish.


“One of my business partners had a great expression. She used to always say,  “Most business problems wear shoes.” And what she meant by that is the bulk of the problems that you need to solve in business are people-related. So, in trying to fix problems, you really need to…and I counsel my team on this, you really need to focus on the individuals involved in them. And it’s something that I probably learned later in my career that I wish she had shared that with me when I was a lot younger, but I think it’s an interesting expression, and it certainly it rings true in most situations.” – Larry Begley

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