213: Building Your Team’s Talent Competencies, Ash Noah, CGMA, AICPA

It’s no secret that the mix of skills and experience demanded by successful finance teams is quickly evolving, and at no time has the need to measure the competencies inside the finance function been more necessary for finance leaders tasked with anticipating their organization’s future talent requirements. Join us when Ash Noah, vice president of external relations for the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, explains how a competency framework can better empower finance leaders to address current talent voids and future workforce challenges.

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What do you see for the future?

Ash: More and more finance professionals need to be really able to have what we call “soft skills.” I call them hard skills, because they’re really hard to cultivate, they’re really hard to develop. But when we look at the type of finance professional that is required by business today, he has to be ethical, he has to be a professional skeptic, he has to be able to look at a set of information with independence. They need to be trustworthy. And they are stewards. We are the anchor and the chain that provides that stability to the organization, and we can never lose that.

Even though the scope of the CFO role is changing and there are separate challenges, volatile conflicts, and an ambiguous environment, all of this provides the finance professional with a great opportunity to bring value to the business.


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