205: Redefining the Health Benefits Landscape, Erik Wissig, CFO, Hixme

Determining future demand for new products or services is probably one of the most challenging tasks a finance leader can face, and nowhere is that task perhaps more daunting than inside the health & benefits realm, where the response by employers to new regulations remains unclear. Join us when Hixme CFO Erik Wissig shares his CFO mind-set as he dares to look into the future of  the health benefits world and illuminate a path for his firm’s cutting-edge offerings.

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Over the next 12 months, what are your top priorities as a finance leader?

Erik Wissig: You know, our business is very much in a stage of focus on scalability, right? So that means that as a finance leader, I have to walk through every component of our business to make sure that we are maximizing the dollars spent. And that we are investing in a manner that as we move forward over the years, we’re leveraging that expense.

It’s getting to the point to where when we bring people on, when we invest in technology, it’s tying it all together in a sense. We’ve positioned ourselves to leverage that over the next several years. The other areas of focus are really getting everything in order in order to grow the business rapidly from an organizational standpoint. Obviously, we need to have very leverageable financial systems. We need to have very flexible payroll.

We need to have lots of expense and travel tracking, because we actually spend a lot of time going out and talking with and meeting with other early-stage companies. One of the exciting things about being an early-stage start-up, especially with the investor backing that we have, is that we get introduced to other very innovative companies with which, when it makes sense, we try to partner so that we can benefit from the things that they’re doing, and likewise.

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