047: When Regulating Risk Becomes a Driver of Change: Dan Crumb, CFO, Kansas City Chiefs

How can the regulation of organizational risk become a driver of change? Join us as Dan shares his “A-ha!” moment when he realized that the regulation of risk could become a powerful lever to drive change across the Kansas City Chiefs’ growing franchise.


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Regulator of Risk

“One of the first things we did was to implement a risk management committee. We have various departments represented on this committee, and we identified those areas that had the highest likelihood of impacted risk. … We have undertaken, along with a consultant, a comprehensive business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk management assessment. We have now built a business continuity plan that has the input of all the key stakeholders in the business internally and externally. … Not only are we driving down insurance costs, but also we have better processes in place. This has really allowed risk management to filter throughout the organization.”

Mentoring Round

Personal habit: “For me, it’s trust. I place trust in the people with whom I work, and it is really a two-way street. They have to trust that I’m taking them down the right path and that I’m going to give them the resources they need. I’m a trusting person, and to me, trust is a principle that I have embraced. I have found that it has suited me well as a foundational habit.”


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