046: Championing Change with the Cloud: Darrell Powell, CFO, Treehouse



What’s the most effective way to drive change inside a nonprofit organization? Join us as Darrell shares the entrepreneurial mind-set that he’s used to help his organization embrace cloud technologies and replace wasteful dated processes.


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The Audacious Goal

“At Treehouse, we recognized that foster children graduate at half the rate of their peers, so our big, audacious goal is to have foster kids equal the graduation rate of their peers within 5 years.”

Champion of Change

“One of the first things that I did after arriving in the finance department was to look at the processes that we were currently deploying to see if technology could help us. What has now happened is that we have moved our organization to a complete cloud-based infrastructure, where all of our mission-critical software is maintained in the cloud and all employees have 24/7 access to any data that they need to manage the organization.”


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