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Welcome finance and accounting professionals.

As host of CFO Thought Leader, I enjoy the unique opportunity of regularly engaging top finance leaders and I now want to swing open the door to our CFO interviews by allowing you to submit questions to our CFO guests.

To leave a question, all you need is an Internet connection and microphone (headphone mics work too). Don’t worry about your microphone’s quality—your job is to ask a great question!, the web service we use to capture your message, does the rest.

Simply Click the button below to record your question. Please keep it to about a minute long, polite, non-spammy, and business or finance-focused. Here are the full submission guidelines.    – Jack Sweeney


If your question appears on an episode of CFO Thought Leader, you’ll get an email from me within a week asking you for your shipping address, so I can send you a CFO Thought Leader coffee mug. This is my way of thanking you for asking a great question and helping to deliver more value to the CFO Thought Leader audience.