Anatomy of a SaaS Finance Function



When it comes to SaaS finance leaders, the consensus among corporate finance executives at large is that SaaS CFOs are now marching to a different drummer.

Armed with such metrics as return on revenuecost of customer acquisition, and customer retention, SaaS CFOs are busily advancing a more customer-centric model for finance, a model with conceptual constructs that are now quickly taking root beyond the SaaS realm.



Join us when we invite a dynamic finance team to pull back the curtain and expose the SaaS mind-set that is informing their decision-making and the adoption of practices and tools that are now reshaping the finance function and exposing the precepts of modern finance.

Step inside the SaaS world of Karen Gift, Vice President of Finance, BlackLine and Chuck Best, Vice President Accounting Operations, BlackLine. Learn how their team is helping to advance not just new metrics, but also a SaaS frame of mind that influences decision-making across the company as it helps to determine the priorities, skillsets, and career development inside a modern finance organization.

Next, Neil Jain a partner from the Waterstone Management Group reveals the organizational inner-workings of SaaS- driven businesses. Hear Neil explain why finance executives are today counted among the foremost champions of SaaS tools and best practices.  Learn why finance teams from all industries are seeking to instill a “SaaS dynamic” within their firms and ignite an appetite for continuous finance innovation.


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About Our Thought Leaders

Charles Best has over 30 years of experience as finance and operational executive helping companies build and grow their businesses. Charles has worked for BlackLine, Inc. for over 5 years and currently holds the position of Vice President of Accounting Operations. BlackLine is a SaaS company that offers a suite of modules to companies on a subscription basis that build efficiencies and additional accountability into basic financial functions including financial close processes. Blackline is a rapidly growing company that currently has over 1,400 clients with a user base of over 135,000. Prior to BlackLine, Charles has been the Chief Financial Officer of two publicly traded companies, both with international operations.



Karen Gift has worked for BlackLine, Inc. for over 1 year and currently holds the position of Vice President of Finance. She is responsible for overseeing the company’s financial planning process. Prior to BlackLine, Karen was Vice President of Finance for a publicly traded company, Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. where she worked for 9 years. During her time at Cornerstone OnDemand, she assisted in building out the accounting and finance functions as well as participating in the company’s initial public offering. Karen graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Finance from the University of Southern California.