266: Finding Your Industry Passion | Tom Graney, CFO, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals


Tom Graney, CFO, Ironwood Pharmaceutics, likes to describe Ironwood's research & development pipeline as the lifeblood of the company.  Join us when Tom shares his CFO mindset and reflects on some of the early career experiences that helped prepare him for a CFO role.
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265: Navigating a Newly Divested Firm | Ray Scheppach, CFO, iManage


When less than a year ago finance leader Ray Scheppach joined iManage, a workflow management software company, he had signed on to a management team in the midst of executing a buyout that inside of six months would divest iManage from technology giant HP. Join us when Ray shares his CFO mind-set and recalls one…
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264: Performing Due Diligence on Your Next CFO Role | Samuel Dergel, Dergel Executive Search


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263: When Presenting the Numbers | Randall Bolten, Author, Painting With Numbers


According to career CFO and author Randall Bolten, communicating numbers is a skill that requires knowledge of rules and grammar, a sense of narrative flow, and respect and compassion for your audience. Join us when Randall explains how many business leaders deserve poor marks when it comes to numeric communication and describes what steps they can…
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262: The Defiant Ones – The Future of Coal | Aiden Neary, CFO, Clean Coal Technologies


Aiden Neary, CFO of Clean Coal Technologies, Inc., views the U.S.'s changing political climate as a window of opportunity for a game-changing technology capable of transforming poor quality coal into a much more efficient and cleaner burning fuel source. Join us when Aiden weighs the environmental realities of coal against the global demand found inside many…
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261: Three CFOs Reflect on Their Family-Owned Firms

Featuring Marc Elliot, CFO, Corrigan Moving Systems Marc reflects on the values he embraces and leverages to advance as a leader inside a family-owned company. Jim Blake, CFO Emeritus, Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks Blake recalls the milestones that shaped his tenure as CFO of The Morey Organization, one of the country’s leading waterpark and pier companies,…
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260: Three CFOs Scratch Their Entrepreneurial Itch

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259: Reaching Out From Boston, Jim Kelliher, CFO, Actifio


When it comes to driving growth finance leaders must get connected to their communities and understand how making a difference locally can open opportunities near and far, according to Jim Kelliher, CFO of Boston-based Actifio. Join us when Jim shares his CFO mindset and explains why growth-minded finance leaders are increasingly viewing their communities as…
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258: My Unlikely CFO Journey with Steve Jobs | Lawrence Levy, CFO & Author, To Pixar & Beyond


In light of all of what’s been written about Steve Jobs since his death, it’s hard to imagine that there remains any area of business that has not yet illuminated his contribution. Enter CFO Lawrence Levy whose new book To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History, spotlights Jobs'…
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257: Measuring the Impact of Donor Dollars | Bob Berdelle, CFO, United Way Worldwide


Words are powerful explains Bob Berdelle, CFO and Executive Vice president, United Way Worldwide, and finance leaders must always be mindful that what they say may be amplified and carried forward by others within the organization.  Join us when Bob explains why trust is the foremost currency inside one of world's preeminent not for profit organizations. Hear Bob…
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