334: Kissing Frogs: The Dynamics Behind Courting Investors | Brian Day, CFO, Fuze

Join us when Brian Day charts his finance career journey that includes multiple CFO tours of duty as well as one CEO career chapter. Now as CFO of Fuse, Day is helping Fuze advance into the expansive world of cloud-based communication and collaboration services. On Systems: "What I envisioned was exactly what I found when I…
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333: Office of the Chief Problem-Solver | Ian Charles, CFO, Host Analytics

Understanding the unique challenges faced by a growing company and mobilizing a company's workforce, management, and even board members to address and remedy those challenges are often dependent on a finance leader's ability to problem-solve—an acquired skill set that draws on a CFO's ability to communicate across the organization, according to Ian Charles, CFO, Host…
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332: Five CFOs Share Their Ah-Hah! Moments

Join us when Carrie McIntyre, CFO, Interstate Hotels & Resorts; Bill Korn, CFO, MTBC; Andrew Eisele, CFO, JW Player; Barak Ben-Gal, CFO, Symphony Talent;  and Michael Picchi, CFO, Allconnect, share moments of strategic insight.  
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331: Unlocking Working Capital to Fund Growth | Ananth Avva, CFO, Wrike

Few venture-backed companies have grown in as capital-efficient a manner as privately held Wrike, according to Ananth Avva, the enterprise software firm's finance leader, who says that Wrike has reached its current scale of 500 employees worldwide by using roughly only $26 million in equity financing. Join us when Ananth shares his finance leader priorities…
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330: A CFO’s Appetite for Disruption | Duston Williams, CFO, Nutanix

Join us when we ask Duston Williams to revisit his CFO career's opening chapter at Western Digital and expose the singular finance leadership journey that followed. To date Duston has served 18 years in a variety of CFO roles and raised more than $3 billion in financing. Learn how "Bigness of Vision" is what led…
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The Afterpod | Steffen Parratt, CFO, KCG Holdings, Inc.

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329: Building Your Finance Network | Robert Bendetti, CFO, Life Cycle Engineering

Join us when Robert Bendetti, CFO, Life Cycle Engineering, recounts what led him to establish a CFO Council for the greater Charleston, South Carolina, region and why he feels that advice and insights from peer leaders are a precious resource that no finance leader should do without. CFO Guest: Robert Bendetti Company: Life Cycle Engineering Headquarters:…
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328: Entering the CFO Office | Four Finance Leaders Recall Their Door of Entry

Join Jeanne Prayther, CFO, e-Builder, Marty Moore, CFO, C2 Education, Carol Wood, CFO, Dizzion, Alan Haughey, CFO, ServiceMaster as they share their different experiences about entering the CFO suite. 
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327: The Unbearable Cost of Variance | Søren Wulff, CFO, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Join us when Søren Wulff, CFO, Sticks 'n' Sushi, reveals the unique pain points and challenges that companies face inside the talent-hungry world known as affordable luxury dining. Learn how Søren is empowering finance to collaborate across the company as the firm opens a new chapter of European expansion.   Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights Guest: Søren…
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The Afterpod | Sherry Buck, CFO, Waters Corporation

“There are always going to be things that you don’t expect, and I think you need to plan for the unexpected in some regards and be very flexible. "My biggest advice to anyone, as you’re looking at trying to make an impact, is to make sure that whatever you’re trying to change has an impact…
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