Integrating Customer-Centric Analytics Into Finance, Mike Picchi, CFO, Allconnect

Milestones for Finance Leaders

Not since corporate boards first formulated the modern C-suite has the leadership reach of a C-suite member been more fluid than today within the ranks of Chief Financial Officers. “Don’t be left behind” are the determined words that now lead growing numbers of finance professionals to expand their influence beyond the realm of traditional accounting…

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235: Solving the People Equation, Ron Shah, CFO, Hodges-Mace

post dlide shah

Join us when Ron Shah, CFO of Hodges-Mace, explains how building a motivated workforce is now a priority for both finance and the benefits firm at-large. Hear Ron explain how finance is today focused on the firm's effort to attract, retain and reward human capital. CFOTL: Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities…
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234: When Your Career Spans Worlds, Martin Slusarz, CFO, iQuanti

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With a career fueled by the ambitions of both large and small firms, Marty Slusarz knows well the financial inner workings of both worlds. Join us when the CFO of digital marketing company iQuanti recounts the unique finance career experiences that helped prepare him for a CFO role. Marty's Site
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233: How a Constant State of Discontentment Drives Change, Karen O’Byrne, CFO, Modernizing Medicine

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Join us when Karen O'Byrne, CFO, Modernizing Medicine reveals the mind-set that fuels the finance function for a company that has grown to over 500 employees within six years and garnered five rounds of financing - approximately $87 million.   Karen's Site
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(60-sec) How Are Business Intelligence Applications Changing How You Work? Ben Mulling, CFO, Tente Casters, Inc.


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232: Roll Up Your Sleeves: A CFO’s Entrepreneurial Itch, Paul Auvil, CFO, Proofpoint

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Join us when Paul Auvil explains why large enterprise finance lacks the luster of early enterprise as he peers through his finance lens and explores the milestones of his varied finance career. Paul's SITE
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231: The Road Not Taken, Todd Cope, CFO, GSI Health

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When Todd Cope arrived in the CFO office the one-time engineer had taken a path that led him around the globe as a Fortune 500 marketer before being springboarded into the land of startups. Todd's SITE
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My 2016 Priorities: Robbie Sprechman, CFO, Fierce Brands

Priorities Sprechman

What are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months? Robbie: Well, I would say that there are a couple of things going on right now. We’re trying to work with insurance companies to get more reimbursements of memberships at the gym. Already there currently are a lot of big carriers that…

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230: Finance: The Inner Seam of Business Development, Michael Waxman-Lenz, CFO, Undertone

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Join us when Michael Waxman-Lenz  reveals his singular finance career path and the transactions and opportunities that have punctuated  his tenure as a finance leader. Michael's Site
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My 2016 Priorities: Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA

What are your finance leader priorities over the next 12 months? Johanna: Over the next 12 months,  would like to get my team to understand the different business operations in other areas of our organization to a larger extent. I also want to build APIs and dashboards that will help each area of the organization…

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