202: Steve Player, Program Director, Beyond Budgeting Round Table

Past efforts to transform finance have shrunk the cost and size finance organizations. But the nature of the work has remained the same – heavy on backward looking transaction processing, limited in strategic impact. Join us when author and top finance consultant Steve Player leaves no stone unturned as he identifies the “dumb stuff” finance leaders…
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201: Creating a Dynamic Finance Function, Rich Pirrotta, CFO, Logicalis

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200: Adding Discipline to a Forward-Looking Process, Marty Moore, CFO, C2 Education

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What types of skills and experiences are acquired by CFOs inside private equity–backed  firms? Join us when Marty Moore, CFO of C2 Education, shares his CFO mind-set and illuminates how private equity has influenced his varied career path. CFOTL: Our final question—What are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months? Moore:…
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199: Calculating Lifetime Customer Value, Marty Ostermiller, CFO, Hirevue

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As more CFOs become tasked with not just reporting growth but driving it, customer success metrics are becoming increasingly popular, and no one group of finance leaders is more customer success obsessed than that group which dwells inside the high tech hallways of software as a service (SaaS) software application companies.  Join us when SaaS CFO…
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As More Midmarket CFOs Sharpen Their Customer Focus, More Are Smitten with the Cloud

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A business realm long populated by headstrong entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses, the middle market is experiencing a wave of technology adoption that seems intent on further upending the traditional laws of business competition as it diminishes the size advantage that large enterprise companies have long enjoyed. When it comes to the middle market’s growing appetite…

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198: Net Promoter: The Go-To Metric for Customer-Centric CFOs, Rob Markey, Partner, Bain & Company

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As more CFOs become tasked with not just reporting growth but driving it, few metrics have grown in popularity among finance leaders more than the 12-year-old Net Promoter Score.  Join us when Rob Markey, Partner, Bain & Company, helps us chart the metric's evolutionary path, from its humble origins inside Bain to fueling the rise…
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197: Staying the Course When Markets Grow Volatile, Greg Frost, CFO, Hartford Funds

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It's no secret those who are best able to weather the storm when markets grow volatile are often among the first to detect signs of increased volatility. Join us when Greg Frost reveals his CFO mindset and explores the evolution of a finance function designed to expose the connection between clients and markets.
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As IT Spending Drives Bigger Returns, CFOs Retool Their Metrics

It wasn’t too long ago that IT spend as a percent of revenue was the time-honored metric of choice among finance executives determined to keep their firm’s IT spending within the light of day. In fact, many finance chiefs arguably still rely on the metric to provide a quick snapshot of their firm’s appetite for…

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196: How Financial Insight is Fueling the Rise of Flashgap, Mathias Richemond, CFO


 Join us when Mathias Richemond reveals his start-up CFO mindset and illuminates the growing silicon ambitions of Paris, France.
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When a Lack of Trust in Your Numbers Becomes A Strategic Obstacle, Kathy Crusco, CFO, Epicor Software

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