328: Entering the CFO Office | Four Finance Leaders Recall Their Door of Entry

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327: The Unbearable Cost of Variance | Søren Wulff, CFO, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Join us when Søren Wulff, CFO, Sticks 'n' Sushi, reveals the unique pain points and challenges that companies face inside the talent-hungry world known as affordable luxury dining. Learn how Søren is empowering finance to collaborate across the company as the firm opens a new chapter of European expansion.   Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights Guest: Søren…
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The Afterpod | Sherry Buck, CFO, Waters Corporation

“There are always going to be things that you don’t expect, and I think you need to plan for the unexpected in some regards and be very flexible. "My biggest advice to anyone, as you’re looking at trying to make an impact, is to make sure that whatever you’re trying to change has an impact…
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326: The Road Less Taken: CFO to CEO | Roger Varin, CEO, Stäubli N.A.

Being fluent in French may not rank high among the desired qualifications for most industry CFOs, but for Stäubli of Switzerland, few proficiencies could add more luster to a finance leader's resume than the words "French-speaking."  Or so recalls Roger Varin, whose fluency in French helped to swing open the door to Stäubli North America's…
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325: When Smartphones & Sweepstakes Meet | Rick Busch, CFO, Lucktastic

Join us when CFO Rick Busch traces his career path from Ticketmaster to Publishers Clearing House to digital startup Lucktastic. Learn why Rick views cultural fit as a key criterion when it comes to hiring finance talent and how organizational culture can empower finance executives to play more strategic roles. Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights Guest:…
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The Afterpod | Mark Buthman, CFO (Emeritus), Kimberly Clark

“I had somebody ask me what my leadership philosophy was at one time, and it boils down to working hard and being nice. I have a sign in my office that says, ‘Work Hard and Be Nice.’ This doesn’t mean, necessarily, adding more hours to your day. But I think the two elements are, You’ve…
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324: A CFO’s Seasoned Entrepreneurial Itch | Stephanie Paine, CFO, Healthbox

CFO Stephanie Paine today resides at the center of a healthcare ecosystem where start-ups, investors, and legacy healthcare organizations find common ground and together explore new opportunities, while exposing the financial incentives required for new businesses to take root.   Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights After Hours: Yoga on a Paddle Board Island Paine was recently…
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323: Empowering Finance to Optimize Strategy | Olivier Leonetti, CFO, Zebra Technologies

Join us when Olivier Leonetti retraces his steps up the CFO career ladder from Gillette to Dell Computer to Western Digital and Zebra Technologies. Learn how Olivier believes that his multinational experience has broadened his strategic view of the role of finance and how enabling talent remains his top leadership imperative.   Quick Hits: 60-Second…
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The Afterpod | Mike Foley, CFO, Unity Technologies

When you entered the CFO office for the first time at Unity Technologies, what’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you? Foley: We started this conversation talking about the organization that I inherited and how I've had to change that. I would've put much more emphasis earlier on the systems capabilities…
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322: The Virtues of Radical Transparency | Mike Foley, CFO, Unity Technologies

Few names are better known in the realm of multiplatform games than Unity Technologies. The software developer's focus on "democratized game development" has primed the pump for independent game producers and led Unity to boast that its technology is already responsible for roughly 70 percent of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. With few competitors…
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