218: Nitin Gupta, CFO, Molecular Imaging, Siemens Healthcare

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The buying patterns of few businesses have experienced greater disruption in recent years than those inside the healthcare industry where large providers are now hurrying to respond to the changing insurance requirements of their patrons as dictated by the Affordable Care Act.  And few companies are as determined to decipher the newly emerging pattern as Siemens Healthcare…
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Why Customer Success is Requiring CFOs to Take a Leadership Leap

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As data mining around customer interaction becomes the new nectar of the metric-minded number-crunching set – it’s time for CFOs to influence C-suite decision making . What if an emerging class of new data mining tools and metrics promised to unlock untold revenues for your organization—but, members of the C-suite determined that the team of…

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217: Using Talent Assets to Blaze a Credit Union’s Growth Path, David Tuyo, CFO, Power Financial Credit Union

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Join us when David Tuyo, CFO,  Power Financial Credit Union, shares his finance leadership mind-set and explains how talent and technology are advancing the credit union into the future. Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities as a finance leader? David: Profit really is about efficiency. We're embarking on this, as we upgrade…
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216: Mastering the Application of Scale and Systems, Jim Stewart, CFO, True Ventures

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When it comes to applying scale and systems to growing businesses, few professionals wield  greater insight than those who reside inside the venture industry, and few finance leaders are more experienced with the  application of "S&S"  than those counted within the ranks of venture management. Join us when finance leader Jim Stewart shares the career milestones…
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215: Nourishing the Roots of Sustainable Growth, Eric Johnson, CFO, Nintex

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New bookings and customer success data are the go-to metrics these days for Eric Johnson, CFO, Nintex, a workflow applications firm that boasts of connecting on-premises, cloud workflows and mobile users.  Join us when Eric reveals his finance mind-set and exposes the path he believes will lead Nintex to achieve sustainable growth. Over the next 12…
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214: Milestones for Building a Finance Function, Marianne Caserta, CFO, Atrion

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What are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months? Marianne: I would say that our priorities will be—given that we’re in a new budget year—to take on a couple of new initiatives. And I think working with the department leaders who are responsible for heading those up and helping them chart…
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213: Building Your Team’s Talent Competencies, Ash Noah, CGMA, AICPA


It's no secret that the mix of skills and experience demanded by successful finance teams is quickly evolving, and at no time has the need to measure the competencies inside the finance function been more necessary for finance leaders tasked with anticipating their organization's future talent requirements. Join us when Ash Noah, vice president of…
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212: Helping to Energize a Homebuilder’s Ambitions, Dave Cone, CFO, Taylor Morrison

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Join us when Dave Cone, CFO of national homebuilder Taylor Morrison, reveals his finance mind-set and shares how the finance priorities of an ambitious homebuilder and a giant pet retailer are not so very different. What are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months? Dave: It really is managing through the…
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The Growth Ultimatum and the Rise of the SaaS CFO

The tribe of finance leaders commonly identified as “SaaS CFOs”  are today busily developing the tools and management practices destined to reshape the finance function. It was not quite 100 years ago that Donaldson Brown arrived inside the offices of General Motors Corp.’s finance department. The future GM CFO had distinguished himself years earlier by…

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211: Exposing the Customer Opportunity, Neil Jain, Partner, Waterstone Management Group

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  “What we see happening is a shift to a different set of metrics that complement the traditional metrics that companies report, but which have more emphasis on the top line, rather than EBITDA or cash flow,” commented Jain, who quickly listed customer acquisition costs, lifetime value of a customer, and recurring revenue as three…
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