249: The Public to Private Journey


Exclusive case study: A little over a year ago when publicly held Perion advanced with a deal to acquire digital agency Undertone, Michael Waxman-Lenz began preparing to exit his post as Perion’s chief strategy officer to spearhead Undertone’s private-to-public journey as its CFO. Now, for the first time, CFO Waxman-Lenz charts the action steps and milestones that allowed his team to rapidly transform Undertone’s internal controls, allowing…
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248: Anatomy of a SaaS Finance Function


Step inside the SaaS world of Karen Gift, Vice President of Finance, BlackLine and Chuck Best, Vice President Accounting Operations, BlackLine. Learn how their team is helping to advance not just new metrics, but also a SaaS frame of mind that influences decision-making across the company as it helps to determine the priorities, skillsets, and career development inside a modern finance organization. Chuck &…
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247: Prepared for What’s Next | Pete Childs, CFO, Workfront


When considering a new job a finance leader must proceed with caution, allowing for time to execute background checks and to gain a familiarity with the company's culture, according to Pete Childs, CFO of Workfront, a software developer specializing in cloud-based enterprise work management solutions. Join us when Pete shares his CFO mindset and explains how SaaS…
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246: Growing Your Customer Orientation | Carol Wood, CFO, Dizzion


When career CFO Carol Wood joined Denver, Colorado, tech company Dizzion back in 2015, she already had an established track record of keeping a firm grasp on the systems and controls required to transition a company from one growth plateau to the next. Join us when Carol traces her steps down the finance leadership path and reveals the origins…
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245: Achieving Greater Visibility Into the Business | Ron Knutson, CFO, Lawson Products, Inc.


Having served as finance leader for a variety of firms, Ron Knutson arrived at Lawson Products, Inc., with more than a few ideas about how to help finance partner with the business. Join us when Ron explains how adding an analytics unit to his finance team has extended the company's lines of sight not only…
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244: Widening Your Finance Lens | Gary Bender, CFO, SISD, Inc.

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Not all finance leaders are highly skilled when it comes to knowledge sharing. In fact, very often senior finance executives struggle to make new knowledge connections as their responsibilties seem to routinely widen.  Join us when career CFO Gary Bender explains how the special challenges finance leaders face led him to help establish not one,…
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243: Broadening Your Leadership Path | David Morris, CFO, Guardian Pharmacy


Join us when David Morris, CFO of Guardian Pharmacy explains how Guardian's continued rapid rise has required his finance team to step beyond the backoffice and lend support to a variety of stakeholders as well as functional areas across the company. David's Site David's Book Pick: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 By Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves,    
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242: The ERP Milestone | Del Clark, CFO, Inspirage

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While software upgrades are a daily routine for business enterprises of every weightclass - the leap to an ERP solution remains a unique rite of passage for most organizations - one that requires deep industry knowledge as well as insight into the enterprise's future growth trajectory. Join us when career finance leader Del Clark explains…
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241: Empowering Finance to Say “Yes” | Theresa McGlothlen, cfo, Calabrio

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The path to greater collaboration begins with finance leaders supplying questions rather than answers, according to Theresa McGlothlen, CFO, Calabrio. Join us when Theresa shares her finance leader mind-set, and explains how she views fostering collaboration as a central mission for finance leadership. Theresa's Site
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What Metric Do You Rely On to Measure Company Performance | Robert Cornog, CFO, Punch Bowl Social


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