182: Angels Find Path to Steady Growth as Cannabis Opportunity Ripens, Steve Berg, CFO, O.penVAPE

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It's no secret that America's cannabis market opportunity is ready for takeoff. Learn what role finance played in the upstart industry's pioneering days of yore. Join us when Steve Berg, CFO, O.penVAPE, shares his CFO mind-set and reveals what today's legal-marijuana industry has in common with the early days of high tech. ¤
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181: Using a Collaborative Talent Model to Drive Growth, Jim Szakacs, CFO TayganPoint Consulting

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What role does finance play when correctly incentivizing and retaining human assets is the primary measure of success? Join us when Jim Szakacs, CFO, TayganPoint Consulting, shares his CFO mind-set and explains how talent remains the primary driver of growth inside the business consulting and advisory space. ¤
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180: Keeping Corporate Governance Top-of-Mind, Renée Hornbaker, CFO, Stream

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How can a CFO help to influence and develop the firm's corporate governance best practices? Join us when Renée Hornbaker, CFO, Stream, helps us to peer inside the corporate boardroom and understand how the application of responsible oversight helps companies to keep corporate governance top-of-mind. ¤
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Energy Firm CFO Touts the Virtues of Analytics

When it comes to commercial businesses and the weather, insurance firms and rock salt makers are known for keeping meteorology top-of-mind. However, when a firm counts 32 weather observation stations in the Northeast alone among its strategic partners — it’s a pretty good bet these days that the professional firm deals in kilowatts. And so…

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179: Recurring Revenue: The Must-Have Metric for Customer-Centric CFOs, Marty Ostermiller, CFO, HireVue

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It's no secret that CFOs of SAAS software firms have perhaps the firmest grasp on the metric that finance leaders today broadly covet as a measure of customer satisfaction. Join us as Marty Ostermiller, CFO, Hirevue, discusses the virtues of recurring revenue and how such numeric lines of sight into customer accounts are helping finance to…
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178: Exposing the Path Between Employee Satisfaction and Growth, Matt Fortney, CFO, Group Delphi

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It's no secret that employee engagement or lack of it has an enormous impact on customer relationships. In fact, managing productivity and employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges that business leaders face. Join us when Matt Fortner, CFO, Group Delphi, reveals his CFO mind-set and explains how measuring employee satisfaction has become a…
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177: ACA Regulation May Have More Bark Than Bite, Raef Lawson, VP Research & Policy, IMA


As businesses overcome implementation hurdles related to the Affordable Care Act, the legislation remains one of the most hotly debated issues in business. Raef Lawson, VP of Research & Policy for the Institute of Management Accountants, shares the findings of a recent IMA member survey that suggests the law may not be as disruptive to…
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176: ASK ETHAN: The CFO as Storyteller


When it comes to finance leadership, what role does storytelling play in effective communication? Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, once more tackles our questions to supply you with answers and a new mind-set designed to help advance your leadership. ¤
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175: Summer Reading: CFO Book Recommendations


“What book would you recommend to aspiring finance leaders?” This is a question we frequently pose to our CFO guests, and we felt that it was about time that we collected a number of the more illuminating responses for your reference shelf. ¤
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174: Welcome to the Age of Customer-Centric Finance, John Bonney, CFO, FinancialForce.com

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What role should finance play when it comes to measuring and improving the customer experience? Join us when John Bonney, CFO, FinancialForce.com, reveals his CFO mind-set and explains why finance organizations must continue to enhance their customer-centric focus. ¤
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