223: Measuring Online Banking’s Steady Strides, Suk Shah, CFO, Avant

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As the former CFO of HSBC’s Commercial Banking business in the U.S. and Canada, Suk Shah looks back at his traditional finance days as though he's peering down from the porthole of a spacecraft orbiting the earth. Join us when Suk charts his journey from large enterprise finance to Avant, a fast growing online lender that has already originated over…
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222: Charting the Entrepreneur’s Path, Robbie Sprechman, CFO, Fierce Brands

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If you have only 10 listening minutes to spare, you won't feel cheated listening to Robbie Sprechman's opening anecdote about how he first entered the office of the CFO.  There's little doubt that CFO Sprechman's unusual career path satisfied an entrepreneur itch, while at the same time steadily advancing his finance career. No small feat…
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221: Building a Global Brand’s U.S. Business, Didier Aziza, CFO, Bel Brands USA

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As the maker of  Laughing Cow cheese, Bel Brands USA today sells its cheese products in over 90 percent of retail grocery stores and warehouse clubs within the United States, a fact expected to help the cheesemaker reach its lofty goal of $500 million in annual revenue by 2020. Join us when Didier Aziza, CFO, Bel Brands,…
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The 8th Role of the CFO: How Customer Success Became Your CFO’s Magic Ring

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Make no mistake, it’s a face-off that pits corporate finance leaders, the back-office number-crunching set – who at times seem more like nerdy comic book figures than true strategy-minded captains of industry – against a ticking clock intent on rendering the latest class of finance leaders irrelevant. You may recall that in our last post,…

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What Advice do you Have for Future Finance Leaders? Kray Kibler, CFO, Scrip Companies


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220: Listening to Millennials, Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA

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What sets the Millennial generation apart from all earlier generations. According to Johanna Richman, CFO of the ASPCA, it's the generation's powers of collaboration and its appetite for unfiltered knowledge. Join us when Johanna recounts her own experience as a finance leader tasked with recruiting, retaining and building a Millennial-rich finance team.
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My 2016 Priorities: Dave Cone, CFO, Taylor Morrison

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What are your priorities as a finance leader over the next 12 months? Dave Cone: It really is managing through the integration of the new companies we acquired. Digesting those businesses, bringing them into the fold, trying to drive the synergies that we expect, and then really helping to refine our processes in finance, as…

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219: The Data-Driven Organization, Bill Elkin, CFO, Interflex Group

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Having served as CFO of the Interflex Group for more than ten years, Bill Elkin has always viewed himself as much an operations executive as he does a finance executive.  Over the years, he has sought to steadily retool and empower Interflex's finance function, while pursuing a larger data-driven vision for the specialty packaging manufacturer.
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My 2016 Priorities: Tom Stewart, CFO, SecureAuth

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  Over the next 12 months, what are your top priorities as a finance leader? Tom Stewart: My top priority is always to keep the company funded so that we can continue to grow. And I believe I have that well in hand, so what I really need to focus on is making sure that…

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218: Nitin Gupta, CFO, Molecular Imaging, Siemens Healthcare

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The buying patterns of few businesses have experienced greater disruption in recent years than those inside the healthcare industry, where large providers are now hurrying to respond to the changing insurance requirements of their customers as dictated by the Affordable Care Act.  And few companies are as determined to decipher the newly emerging patterns as Siemens Healthcare…
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