286: Mastering the On Demand Talent Model | Nick Vandergrift, CFO, MS Companies

MS Companies has created a way for more than 600 manufacturers, including 20 Fortune 500 companies, to instantly fill open jobs and reduce workforce costs by calculating exactly how many on-demand workers are needed to meet their demands.  Join us when Nick Vandergrift, CFO, MS Companies explains how he first joined the firm as a financial…
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285: The Divergent CFO | Steffen Parratt, CFO, KCG Holdings, Inc.

Having been a software entrepreneur, technology investor and restructuring advisor, Steffen Parratt says his divergent career has long been fueled by technology transformation, a pairing that would ultimately lead him to the CFO office of KCG Holdings, Inc. , a financial services firm specializing in market making and high frequency trading.  Join us when Steffen…
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284: The Leadership Talent Continuum: Four CFOs Ponder The Roots of Leadership

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283: From Finance Leader to Chief Executive | Ken Østreng, CFO, Confirmit

As a CFO, Ken Østreng has been highly visible across his Nordic-based firm’s multinational operations. Whether he was identifying international acquisition targets or new incentives to help drive sales, he became one of Confirmit's "go-to" leaders, and in the minds of management the natural successor to Confirmit's CEO Henning Hansen. And, so when Henning recently…
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282: The Boomerang CFO | Larry Begley, CFO, CloudHealth Technologies

It was more than ten years ago when Larry Begley last exited the CFO office to dedicate his days to building an early stage venture capital firm.  After four tours of duty as a finance leader, the finance leader's future career aspirations would be more than satisfied by building a successful VC firm. Or would…
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281: The Expat Life | Six CFOs Share Tales of Innocents Abroad

Very often the opportunity to work abroad arrives early in a finance professional's career, but not all executives are prepared to take the leap.  Still, overseas assignments populate the resumes of many finance leaders, who often look back on their days abroad and ponder the sizeable influence they have had on their view on business…
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Dynamic Duos | Behind Successful CFO CEO Teams

Join us when we highlight the CEO CFO teamwork that punctuates the growth of three successful midsized firms.
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277: Appreciating the Virtues of Sticky Customers | Anthony Scaglione, CFO, ABM Industries

Join us when Anthony Scaglione, CFO, ABM Industries shares his CFO mind-set and retraces his steps from a budding consulting career to the treasury department of high-tech titan CA  to ABM - a $5.1 billion giant inside the realm of building and maintenance and facility services. CFO Thought Leader: Anthony Scaglione Company: ABM Industries Industry: Building and…
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276: Growing Alongside Private Equity | Rich Antoneck, CFO, Veritext

What are the management practices that help forge strong relationships with private equity partners?  Join us when finance leader Rich Antoneck explains how private equity partners have helped to guide his CFO career and fuel the growth of Veritext, a legal solutions provider that has closely collaborated with three different private equity partners. Guest: Rich Antoneck,…
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275: Building a Biotech Wonder | Sara Bonstein, CFO, Advaxis

While Sara Bonstein's finance career roots run deep inside a number of New Jersey's healthcare behemoths (Eli Lilly & Company, Johnson & Johnson), her goal was to someday build and lead a finance team inside one of the much smaller and more entrepreneurial biotech firms that today populate New Jersey's business topography.  Join us when,…
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