300: Internet TV & Streaming Finance | Terri Stevens, CFO, Mobi TV

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299: Own a Scoop of Our Company | Rob Bohorad, CFO, Yuengling’s Ice Cream

Guest: Rob Bohorad, CFO Company: Yuengling's Ice Cream Founded: 2014 Headquarters: Orwigsburg, PA Contacts: www.yuenglingsicecream.com  @YuenglingsIC  (Twitter)
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298: The Startup CFO: The Builder’s Journey

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Most Business Problems Wear Shoes | Larry Begley, CFO, CloudHealth Technologies

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “One of my colleagues had a great expression. She used to always say ‘most business problems wear shoes.’ And what she meant by that is that most of the problems that you need to solve in business are people-related, so when…

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297: Charting Your Next CFO Chapter | Chris Capozzi, CFO, Freedom Financial Network

During his 17-year tenure at General Electric, Chris Capozzi played a key leadership role in a number of GE's most historic chapters, including helping to execute the company’s strategy to restructure GE Capital and divest more than $260 billion of assets. Join us when we ask Chris to look back on the career experiences that best…
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296: Managing Growth | John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple

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295: The M&A-Minded CFO | Jack Walsh, CFO, Aptean

Having completed 11 acquisitions in the past two-and-half years, Aptean—an enterprise software developer—is making M&A best practices the cornerstone of an aggressive growth strategy. Join us when Aptean CFO Jack Walsh explains how the realization of cost synergies rather than revenue synergies has become a central component of Aptean's M&A success formula. Guest: Jack Walsh, CFO…
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When Making Difficult Decisions | Anthony Scaglione, CFO, ABM Industries

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “One of the principal things I’ve observed has been that if you’re not able to make a difficult decision, then you shouldn’t be surprised if someone else makes it for you. I know that sounds pretty draconian. But, in essence, we…

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294: The Missing CFO | Making Room in the C-Suite

For most companies, the hiring of a finance leader represents a milestone in a company's growth trajectory. However, the question as to when a company should make a CFO hire appears to have as many answers as there are C-suites. Join us when we pop the question to two CEOs who have built impressive high-growth…
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293: Why Workforce Is Top of Mind | Four CFOs Explore Employee Engagement

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