376: Making Social Media Your Organization’s Collaboration Catalyst | Jody Padar, The Radical CPA

  The Social Mandate "At the end of the day, people do business with people. And if you don't show them who you are and if you don't show them authentically who you are using social, and by them I mean your external and internal stakeholders,  you will miss opportunities. We use to only have…
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375: Four Results-Oriented CFOs

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374: Created to Interact with One Another (Part 2) | Bruce Hartman, CFO & Author

"Surround yourself with people who develop other people because in every organization there are invariably openings and it’s very disruptive if you have to go to the outside to hire people. So if you have managers working for you who develop other people, you can quickly fill any of the openings that would pop up…
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373: The Five Traits of Effective Finance Executives (Part I) | Bruce Hartman, CFO (emeritus), Foot Locker, Inc.

Join us when Bruce Hartman revisits Foot Locker, Inc.'s turnaround chapter and identifies the priorities that allowed his finance team to stay focused and committed to the company's return to profitability. Learn how Bruce's detail orientation allowed him to glean insights into the business and develop his skills as a visionary leader. Five Traits of…
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372: Building for Tomorrow | Karen Cambray, CFO, Tamr

Join us when career CFO Karen Cambray retraces the steps and career milestones that led her to the CFO office of Tamr, a technology developer specializing in software that unifies data that resides in silos across organizations. "Everyone in finance knows that it costs twice as much to replace a good employee, particularly in an…
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371: Finance & the Power of “We” | Tom Hood, Executive Director, MACPA

Join us when Tom Hood recalls discovering his passion for helping accounting and finance professional to realize the collaborative and strategic power of group discussions. Learn why finance leaders now more than ever must achieve an alignment between skills-building and corporate strategy to successfully advance down the transformation path. On Finance's New Age of Skill-Building…
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370: A CFO’s Strategic Instinct | Kurt Abkemeier, CFO, Fidelis Cybersecurity

Join us when career CFO Kurt Abkemeier reveals the past experiences that helped to shape his CFO mind-set and the opportunity that led him to join industry's everyday battle for network security as CFO of Fidelis Cybersecurity. “The biggest priority is making sure that the company is on the right trajectory that we want moving…
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369: The Digital DNA Frontier | Beth Jantzen, CFO, Applied DNA Sciences

Join us when CFO Beth Jantzen spotlights opportunities along the ethical sourcing frontier and explains the career milestones that led her to join a management team determined to apply cutting-edge science to some of the supply chain world's most daunting challenges. The Commercialization Chapter "Since we are still in a commercialization phase and expanding our…
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368: Making Management an Open Book

More finance leaders are discovering how greater numeric transparency across the organization can have a positive impact on employee engagement and morale. However, just which numbers should be shared and how they should be shared is what may distinguish one CFO's brand of leadership from another's. Featuring CFO Thought Leaders Few names are better known…
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367: The Fungible World of Finance | Andy Mandell, CFO, CoolSys

  Digging Into the Product Life Cycle "Once, when we did some consumer studies, people told us that they bought a certain product because it was cheaper. It was cheaper because it was less expensive for us to manufacture. But we hadn't looked at the full cost of the product life cycle, and when we…
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