255: A Finance Tribal Leader | Liam Patrick, CFO, &pizza


As a one time investment banker turned CFO, Liam Patrick is today building the finance function for a regional pizza chain with national aspirations. Join us when Liam shares his entrepreneurial mindset and explains how finance must now drive the organizational transparency the company requires to nurture its people-pleasing culture.
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254: Energizing a Market Leader | Carol Lowe, CFO, Sealed Air Corporation


Join us when CFO Carol Lowe steps back in time to 2012 and explains her priorities upon arriving inside the CFO office of market leader Sealed Air Corporation.  Four years later, Carol is busy building a finance team determined to set a new standard for agility and responsiveness. Before Sealed Air, Carol worked for Carlisle Companies…
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253: Adopting Zero-Based Budgeting at Kraft Heinz | Jesse Yao, CFO, Sauces and Frozen Business Unit, Kraft Heinz


Join us when Jesse Yao, former CFO of Kraft Heinz's Sauces and Frozen Business Unit, steps back in time and recalls how he spearheaded the adoption of zero-based budgeting as part of a historic merger that would enable Kraft Heinz to realize its transformational ambitions.  
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252: Three Culture Building CFOs


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Bonus Episode: Introducing Workplace Champions

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251: When Growth is the Priority | Dave Pomeroy, CFO, BDNA, Inc.


Few finance leaders are more loyal to their industry than IT CFOs - who frequently appear more willing to forfeit comfortable perks than trade in their high-tech cachet.   Join us when Dave Pomeroy, CFO, BDNA allows us to explore his finance career roots from Yahoo to Apple and on to the CFO office.
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250: Revisiting the Roots of a Silicon Valley Career | Ken Goldman, CFO, Yahoo, Inc.


When Yahoo, Inc.'s CFO, Ken Goldman, first joined @Home Network (later Excite@Home) as its finance leader back in 1996, the world of Internet search was a mere microcosm of the ever-expanding universe it is today. Join us when Ken recounts the opportunities that helped to advance his career amidst Silicon Valley's ever-disruptive technology waves.  …
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249: The Private-to-Public Journey


Exclusive case study: A little over a year ago, when publicly held Perion advanced with a deal to acquire digital agency Undertone, Michael Waxman-Lenz began preparing to exit his post as Perion’s chief strategy officer to spearhead Undertone’s private-to-public journey as its CFO. Now, for the first time, CFO Waxman-Lenz charts the action steps and milestones that allowed his team to rapidly transform Undertone’s internal controls,…
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248: Anatomy of a SaaS Finance Function


Step inside the SaaS world of Karen Gift, Vice President/Finance, BlackLine, and Chuck Best, Vice President/Accounting Operations, BlackLine. Learn how their team is helping to advance not just new metrics, but also a SaaS frame of mind that influences decision-making across the company as it helps to determine the priorities, skill sets, and career development inside a modern finance organization. Chuck & Karen's Site…
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247: Prepared for What’s Next | Pete Childs, CFO, Workfront


When considering a new job a finance leader must proceed with caution, allowing for time to execute background checks and to gain a familiarity with the company's culture, according to Pete Childs, CFO of Workfront, a software developer specializing in cloud-based enterprise work management solutions. Join us when Pete shares his CFO mindset and explains how SaaS…
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