358: One Year After the IPO | Kim Drapkin, CFO, Jounce Therapeutics

Join us when CFO Kim Drapkin explains how she prioritizes the different aspects of her finance leadership role inside the biotech sector and reveals the different experiences that helped prepare her to lead inside the entrepreneurial world of a mission-driven company. 2018 Milestones “We have our first clinical data coming out this year. So our priorities…
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357: Establishing Your Data Culture | Phong Le, CFO, MicroStrategy

As a one-time IT systems engineer, the early roots of Phong Le's finance career run deep inside the technology realm where he today serves as CFO of MicroStrategy - one of the data world's pioneering innovators. Join us when Phong explains how burgeoning data insights are summoning finance leaders to become the organizational catalyst for…
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356: The Power of Optimal Capital Allocation | Sean Quinn, CFO, Cimpress

When Sean Quinn stepped into the CFO office for the first time, he knew exactly what to expect—discomfort, a residual feeling that most executives experience after advancing into a role that tests their skills, experience, and willingness to learn. For Sean, the discomfort was proof that he was where he needed to be. Join us…
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355: When KPIs Are Top of Mind | Four CFOs Tell Us Which Metrics Matter

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354: When It’s Time to Hire | Rick Phegley, CFO, Smart & Final

The world of grocery chains has been weathering an industry-wide downturn in recent years. However, for Smart & Final, 2016 was another year of expansion. The grocery chain added 39 new stores, bringing its total to 305 in seven western states. Join us when Rick Phegley, CFO, Smart & Final, explains his CFO mind-set and…
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353: The Expressive CFO | Kelly Steckelberg, CFO, Zoom Video Communications

Turn back the clock, and you'll see that Kelly Steckelberg's CFO career took a surprise turn when she advanced into the CEO office for a number of years. Back inside the finance realm as CFO of a fast-growing video conferencing company, Kelly now credits her CEO turn as helping to better illuminate the path of a strategy-minded…
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351: When It Became Time to Lead (Part I) | Kevin Bisson, CFO, Ipswitch

Not unlike that of many finance professionals, the opening chapter of Kevin Bisson's finance career was all about acquiring skills and experience, and United Technologies provided a variety of rich avenues down which Bisson could advance in search of opportunities. However, after 10 years of exploration and problem-solving, more weighty leadership opportunities beckoned and Bisson…
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350: How Travel Became One CFO’s Ticket to Ride | Dan Figenshu, CFO, Rocketrip

It was no coincidence that on the same day that Dan Figenshu agreed to join Rocketship as its CFO, the software developer lost one of its most loyal repeat customers—the reason being, of course, that Figenshu and the customer were one and the same. Having built a finance career inside New York's margin-minded media industry, Figenshu…
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349: The Age of Strategic Transparency | CFO Dave Pomeroy, Brett Knowles

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348: It Takes More Than Hard Work—Part 2: Roy Austin, CFO (emeritus), D. J. Powers Company

Join us for Part 2 of our interview with Roy Austin, CFO (emeritus), of  D. J. Powers Company and learn how Roy acquired new coaching skills as his interest in helping small businesses continued to grow. Great Expectations "When I got there, I discovered that the controller they had hired when they bought this plant had…
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